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  • Learn how Arizona State University maximizes Commencement efficiency with their GradBot
  • Get tips for increasing engagement at your event 
  • Did you know our bots could do this?

Arizona State University drives efficiency at their ceremonies with Tassel πŸŽ“

At this year's Fall Commencement the ASU GradBot, Tassel, connected with over 10,000 graduating students and guests. Out of these users 91% of students opted in to receiving communications, and 31% of students introduced Tassel to their guests.

Trained in over 72 topics, Tassel provided specific information about the ceremonies that each attendee signed up for and answered questions with a 96% correct response rate. 

In total Tassel sent and received more than 230,000 messages β€” providing real-time support so that attendees and staff could relax and celebrate the graduates.

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Did you know our bots could do this?

At 42Chat our bots have a sense of humour. Just like Siri and Alexa, we've discovered that the more conversational a bot is, the better the user experience, and what could be more conversational than a joke? That, and it's just a lot of fun to read text reactions to corny old jokes. 

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