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In this issue of the CHATalyst:
  • Gamification to Improve Engagement
  • ChatGPT and the power of Conversational A.I. 
  • Did You Know Our Bots Could Do This?

Gamification to Improve Engagement 🎟️

Engagement is the name of the game – it’s proof that audiences are interested and invested in what you’re sharing.  But sometimes your community needs a little nudge to get the ball rolling. So why not invite them to play a game? Something as simple as a text invite to join a prize raffle can give your event attendees a reason to engage – and from there, you can bridge to meaningful interactions that support your brand and provide value to your audience.

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Featured Read 📕

ChatGPT and the Power of Conversational A.I.

Right now, ChatGPT is all the rage, showing off with its amazing feats of writing poetry and essays –and even passing the bar exam!  But one of its most interesting, and overlooked, aspects is how easy it is to use. Just tell it what you want, like you would with a friend, and it serves up exactly what you need.  

By interacting this way, you are experiencing the power of Conversational A.I., which allows you to use natural language instead of searching for the perfect keyword to get what you really need.  Conversational A.I. sits at the heart of the now-ubiquitous Siri and Alexa, and it’s what 42Chat has been perfecting since 2016.  This kind of interaction seems deceptively simple -- as it should.  But behind the scenes is a complex interplay of technology, conversation design, and curated responses that makes the conversation feel so natural and easy to use.. 

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Did you know our bots could do this?

Events are often described as “managed chaos.”  And while you can never truly expect the unexpected, you always need a plan and a way to reach guests when something goes sideways.

While your bot works hard to provide instant responses to questions, it also provides you with essential “communication insurance” — a two-way channel to connect with your attendees when they need you most.

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